eugenia kids gift guide for all ages

Eugenia Kids All Ages Gift Guide

Shop small this holiday season with our all ages gift guide. We've compiled a list of gift ideas from ages 2-92 from some of our favorite boutiques. Check it out!

toddler gift ideas jellycat butter noodles hair clips eugenia kids

You can never go wrong with stuffies (we LOVE how soft Jellycat stuffed animals are) and what toddler doesn't love bacon and band-aids? A match made in heaven! Poop is a big deal with picky toddlers who only ever want to eat butter noodles, so we've got you covered on all sides. (not in poop, we hope).

gift ideas for 4-6 year old kids dogs bath bombs christmas hair clips and calico critters

The 4-6 year old crowd are so fun to shop for. They're really getting into pretend play and seeking out more independence. They love to do anything that feels "adult" like taking a luxurious bath or carrying accessories. After that nice long bubble bath, you can style their hair with our Christmas hair clips!

eugenia kids days of the week hair clips dragon puzzle jewelry making kid made modern

Who doesn't love puzzles and arts and crafts? We love Kid Made Modern DIY crafting kits and all things *magical*. Floor puzzles are also a really nice family activity for some one on one bonding time.

joke prank gift ideas for kids body positivity world map weirdo mushroom hair accessories

8-10 year olds are SO susceptible to body image issues and low self esteem. Making sure they are well informed and uplifted about their bodies is crucial at this age. Also, they're sneaky. I remember loving pranks and gags at this age. I would have KILLED for a whole box of them! Gift your little weirdos stuff that's good for their brain and their funny bone.

gift ideas for tweens hair clips books tie dye kit rainbow bagels

Your tween may or may not roll their eyes at everything you do or say, but you'll def earn extra cool points from them with some colorful hair accessories, rainbow bagels, and books about punk rock. Trust me.
gift ideas for teens girls candles pottery mugs chill cottagecore cozy

I'm pretty sure you can literally never go wrong with candles. Who doesn't love the warm flicker of candlelight? Instant seratonin boost. Pottery is super trendy right now, and sipping tea out of these speckle party ball mugs from Festive Collective is a ~vibe~. Go with it.

Happy Holidays from Eugenia Kids <3